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Kevin @ the Jump Club today
August 30, 2009, 9:35 pm
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Jump Club @ Manila Polo Club. Kev was so excited today, but he jumped well enough. Just at the 1.00m and put up a few fences after this video was taken – first show starts next weekend!

Straight Through My Heart

I haven’t updated in quite a long time due to my busy schedule these past two weeks – but a tune caught my attention on the radio recently. I think it’s catchy, very pop but I suppose it sounds a lot better now that they’re not trying so hard to be “rockers”. The video however… is incredibly sad. It’s so disconnected from the song, and the dancing was awful. Makes you realize how dancing boybands should have an age limit of 16. Well, the Backstreet Boys pulled it off rather well until the Black & Blue Album, but canes should have been handed out once AJ started losing his hair. But alas, I shall pay tribute to a long childhood of seriously adoring the Backstreet Boys, who once, long ago shot “straight through my heart”.

Kev's last nyt

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The Average G.I Joe
August 14, 2009, 1:47 am
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Snake Eyes, my favorite character... cause he didn't talk.

Silence sounded so good.

It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad – it was just a movie filled with inconsistencies. It was sad however since we were excited to see it when we saw the trailer come out, but instead found a lot of cracks in the wall for this one. Special effects were so-so, acting wasn’t that great, and just bad editing for the movie overall – its saving grace was that it was unintentionally funny. Here were a few observations Brent and I made while watching the movie earlier tonight:

– Isn’t it funny that both bases are “top secret” with amazing “technology”, with “the best trained soldiers”… blah blah blah, and yet they’re so easy to get into, with one or two guards at the stand post and with all that drilling – no high alert alarm when broken into?

– How the bad guys + Duke got into the Artic headquarters with thin jackets and the Baroness’ low v to show off her bossom… while the good guys come in with Eskimo suits and cold air coming out of their mouths.

– Polar bears do not run that way.

– G.I Joe easily infiltrate command post, get into the controller room – and yet, still while they are able to find the missiles – little green submarine (that looks just like the war heads) can command all controls… still.

– Romance between Scarlett and Ripcord aka Wayans brother 2… barfable. Especially the part where she talks about how it’s the first fight she’s lost since she was a child.

– Poor Brendan Fraiser with 1 minute moment of us going “ooh the mummy returns – ay hindi pala”

– Apparently Brent noticed Janice Dickinson’s “fat” model is in the movie. Good for her.

– Yey when Karolina Kurkova got stabbed! “Sir, can you sign here, and here, and-” Useless roll. Good thing she got killed early. Why didn’t they kill General Hawk? They kill everyone else! But no… lets slash him in the chest – but then he comes out with a limp. Hmm.

– Tight fatigues. Uh.

– Duke: “That’s her” – I think we established that everyone knows how she looks like. Such a useful boy that one.

– Me: “THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN!” – Rex, your oohing and aahing and turning evil happened in a split second – you ran into the bunker and suddenly had an evil eye and “MWAHAHAHA i can take over the world with this research! who cares if i get killed, oh i have a USB!” … way to go cobra starship. er cobra commander.

– Sienna Miller walks funny.

– So glad Snake Eyes made a vow of silence – he was my favorite character in the whole movie.

– “If a quarter even so touches that we’ll be fried” – at least we know Snake Eyes has light fingers that hold his body weight. Seriously, SECURITY WAS LACKING.

– Bad guys managed to leave their airplane/space ship thingie unattended in a hanger in the artic guarded by two idiots who can’t understand fear, have nano bugs or whatever that can make them heal quickly… or disintegrate (got confused with the one)… useless. Ripcord managed to steal that bigass plane and make it do everything he wanted… ah but of course, it had to be in a Celtic dialect. Of course, Scarlett is a genius, “Ah! He’s Scottish!”

– Chachi going “OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!” because there was a pin camera on nano bug bodyguard… and no other bodyguard had nano cameras on their suits?

– Did no one notice that the US President’s bodyguards were all killed in a tiny room where he was locked up?

– Time between Rex running into the shed and getting the information – didn’t Duke say “oops you’re too early?” when the plane came in? Hence why he has those ‘scars’ on his face and he screamed “REX! REX!” Yet, the 5 minute alarm went off for Rex and that’s when the bombs hit. Hmm.

– Duke didn’t age one bit.

– For a top secret division called “The Joes” – why were they using ordinary guns to fend off the enemy?

– Why isn’t everyone wearing a cool G.I Joe Power jumpsuit?

Stephen Sommers needs to revert back to his previous greats like The Mummy and The Mummy Returns – and to please kick out his caster and whoever edited the film.

Planet Unicorn HEYYY
August 9, 2009, 2:51 pm
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Amazing Jumpers
August 9, 2009, 12:00 pm
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My two favorite show jumpers growing up were Gem Twist, and Sandro Boy.

& here’s Milton, one of the greatest show jumpers that ever lived!

A horse with an amazing jump that secured Brazil it’s first Olympic Gold Medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Woman of the Century, President Cory Aquino. God Bless You
August 5, 2009, 12:29 am
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My friend Rev Naval made this amazing tribute to President Cory Aquino. I think this should become a reality :)

My friend Revo Naval made this amazing tribute to President Cory Aquino. I think this should become a reality 🙂 @

All our parents have stories about the year 1986, about how they took part in standing up for our freedom which fueled a revolution, ousted a dictator and brought truth and goodness to the place of leadership – her name was President Corazon Aquino.

I was only born then, having not experienced the feelings and joy that every Filipino felt that day that victory was won – but I too have a story, I was a baby in my mother’s womb then, a revolution baby, born in 1986 and with my hand held up with the ‘Laban’ sign in the ultrasound while in my mother’s belly. It’s one of the favorite stories that my parents tell of that year, and maybe how I already knew what was good then. It seems in every way President Cory brings people together, in the beginning when she was first President and now once again at her end, the country comes together.

It may start another revolution, a revolution of peace, of good will and truth to all mankind. Here’s hoping that President Cory didn’t leave behind a broken country, tainted by unfortunate events that followed; what she hoped would be an honest and good government, where democracy was justly practiced and the voters not cheated of their rights to choose their leaders. Let us mourn a leader through action, as a tribute of love to her, be better people. It is time once again for the Filipino people to believe that our country is worth saving, that it can be saved, and that we can write our own destiny even when the two greatest icons of democracy are no longer on this earth. For they have finished their roles here and are off to a better place where they are finally, after so many years of unselfishly fighting for our country – for putting their own personal lives on hold – as husband and wife, are together again.

So, let us leave them to their happiness, their final resting place where Cory and Ninoy can be young again, hold each others hands again, because they have left their legacy behind, and those ideals for us to carry on.  It is here in our hearts guiding us through our thoughts and actions – we need to believe for them, because in death do they part from us, but in spirit do they forever live.