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How To Train Your Dragon
December 21, 2009, 2:59 am
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A story with two people is wonderful, a story with animals is even better, but a story with dragons? Magical. I suppose the idea of dragons being dangerous and scary never crossed my mind due to Dragonheart. With Sean Connery’s as the then noble Draco (not the silver-haired and cowardly boy Harry Potter has to fight), it was hard not to love these amazing creatures that were born into existence on the screen by the beautiful imaginations of the men of past. Known to many as the “fire-breathing” dragons that always seemed to attempt to eat fair maidens, and were killed by teenage princes stabbing them in the heart. Hmm. I wonder if someone would rewrite a storybook and turn it around, seeing the whole thing from the Dragon’s perspective. The Flight of the Dragons and Dragonheart gave us a piece of that, and now with the arrival of Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon it seems that the Magic is alive once more.

What’s even better? VIKINGS and DRAGONS! ❤