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H&M x Jimmy Choo

All the angels in heaven sang when girls got word of this collaboration set to strike on Nov. 14th, 2009. You may have Terminator 2 on your calenders boys, but every girl is circling this date on theirs. Famous for their collaborations with world-renowned designers, H&M tips the boiling point by collaborating with Jimmy Choo – although they stress about it being not just shoes and accesories, but also a clothing line as well as menswear (I guess some ‘men’ will be circling the date too ;p) – lets be real, I think it’s safe to say the first thing that will need an extra army of security will be the shoe section. ❤

Serious, serious, serious shopping!

Serious, serious, serious shopping!


... cause its H&M x Jimmy Choo 3

... cause its H&M x Jimmy Choo ❤