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I honestly don’t know how I went from Hugh Laurie to finding my coach on Youtube, but I’m glad I did. I remember actually seeing snippets of this film a long time ago as a kid, when I didn’t know Mikee yet. I honestly had a lot of fun watching this film and I’m glad I found it on Youtube. I used to see her in Polo when I was younger, and she would always greet me with a smile. She treats people with respect no matter what upbringing she had, being from a well-to-do family and having the fame as an actress with a successful show on TV, as well as bringing the Asian Games Gold to our country.

It’s a pleasure having gotten to know her so well, because she’s really a wonderful person: she’s funny, down to earth, and a great person to talk to about anything. I am so glad to have a wonderful coach like Mikes, and it’s great to see an old film of hers, as I was so happy to see how she acted before – and I’m honestly not being bias here – but she’s really really good! It’s great to see some of her work, because I’ve never really known her showbiz side and I know she’s worked hard for a lot of things and really put her heart into her acting.

Now, I have a fantastic mentor, a great coach and most of all, a great friend. Kevin and I love her!  Have a looksie, I wish there were more quality films like this around! =D


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wow really?mikee cojuangco your coach?i mean i’m not shock about her doing equestrian ’cause i do remember her doing that and i guess still do. But her being your coach?that’s awesome to know!i always admired mikee.:D

Comment by Sarah Samaniego

yup yup she’s been my coach for a while 🙂

Comment by karen

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