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Asterix & Obelix
June 30, 2009, 10:51 pm
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I’ve been a huge fan of Goscinny & Uderzo’s Asterix & Obelix! A lot of people seem to not know who these two courageous Gauls are – but I grew up  reading pretty much all the comics! If you’ve missed out, here’s a sneak peak at a cartoon I found on youtube in ENGLISH! It’s difficult to find English versions since most of the series was in French, except I remember being able to watch the movie Asterix & Obelix and Cleopatra as produced in English. That was thrilling! So, here’s the full episode of Asterix and the Viking. Enjoy! 🙂

Part of the film, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix:


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Thanks Karen!!! 🙂
I love this cartoon very much.
I’ve got a crazy collection of comics too! 🙂
and the movies on betamax!!! 😀

Comment by ahappycamper

yey!!! another fan – yeah i totally squealed when i found this on youtube. im just sitting here watching it right now haha so i decided to compile it 😀

Comment by karen

ps – adding you on my blogroll sonny

Comment by karen

Returning the favor 🙂

Comment by ahappycamper

Hahaha!I loooved this series. Crazy crazy adventures. My favorite was probably the one where they had to go all around gaul to get the delicacies of all the major cities as part of a bet.

Comment by treiz

way cool. have you tried reading the new asterix issues they have in the bookstores? most are compendiums (haha) while others are written by one of the kids (forgot if its the son of uderzo or goscinny). theyre .. OK but not at par with the classic asterix!

@treiz — thats asterix and the banquet 🙂

when i went to italy, i just had to buy the versions written in latin (we had to learn the language back in school). yeah, im an asterix geek.

Comment by jayvee f,

no i haven’t read those yet! Must have a looksie – but I read Asterix over and over again, I have one that’s a compilation and it was funny because the other day I thought I had read ALL the comics, when I realized I was reading Asterix and Caeser’s Gift for the first time!! That was a delight 😀

I wish they had DVDs of the cartoons!! Asterix and Cleopatra, Asterix and the 12 Tasks… etc. and these episodes in English!

In French class my teacher showed us one of the cartoons (Asterix and Cleopatra), he thought I was a French genius but I knew the story by heart hence me being able to give him a bloody good essay. hahaha

Sorry. as you can see I’m an Asterix geek too. ;p

Comment by karen

its good to know!! its not often that i find other asterix lovers as well.

when i was young naman, i also had the board game. it was composed of a book (ala choose your own adventures), an hour glass to keep time, dice, “magic potions” and cards. galing! played it over and over again with my brother!

Comment by jayvee f.

THANKS SO MUCH! I have a question though. Is the artist Andrea Uderzo related to the Uderzo from the Asterix comics?

Comment by treiz

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