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Gordon Ramsay

If you know me, then you’d know i ADORE Gordon Ramsay. I know he’s had some trouble lately & that most people think he’s an asshole but I am a complete fan. I have become obsessed with his recipes – they are simple and they WORK! I learned how to poach fish because of him, and I felt a complete thrill when I cooked warm salad, fish & tomato and kesong puti salad out of pure inspiration from his show, “F Word”. I personally think everyone in “Hell’s Kitchen” is an idiot for not being able to follow Ramsay, and is actually my least favorite show of his.  However, my all time favorite amongst his slew of shows is “Kitchen Nightmares” because you see him care, even if he’s screaming and yelling – you feel his frustration and you see how much he does for people who are struggling. Part of my wishlist this year is his cookbook “Fast Food”.

Fast Food

Fast Food

I ❤ Gordon Ramsay. He’s funny, he’s witty and most of all an amazing chef! Cheers to Gordon Ramsay! Hear! Hear!


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You’ve always known how I feel about Gordon Ramsay! If he rocks your socks, he gets my knickers wet! Wahahaha! He’s HAWT!!!=)

Comment by Hazel

HAHA!! only you hazel – i would’ve known this comment was you even if i just read your post without seeing who it was!! hahaha

Comment by karen

OMG I love Gordon Ramsay too! I thought he was an idiot until I watched Kitchen Nightmares and became completely addicted. Hell’s Kitchen took me awhile to get into and the F-Word is kind of weird. I have his Cooking For Friends cookbook and his Sheppard’s Pie is AMAZING – you have to try it!

Comment by ptpotts

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