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Short Haired “Wolves”

I can’t help it. It was ingrained in me since I was a kid, I have a certain hair preference when it comes to hollywood men… I like short hair. Or at least, ‘manly’ hair (i.e Aaragon in Lord of the Rings), not something you can ponytail to look like a commercial for Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves’  ‘Hair U Wear’. Twilight was a fun movie and I leaned quickly towards a crush on the pale vampire versus Jacob aka the “Cocker Spaniel” in the first movie. It is possible that movie execs decides to toss out the “authenticity” of the book’s “long-haired wolves” to suit teenyboppers’ racing hearts. And mine.

Issue #2 with Twlight books was the fear that they would be ‘man-wolves’. I’m not saying that you can’t make werewolves cute, but if you watched Harry Potter and you saw that ‘thing’, better known as Professor Remus Lupin – the idea of a “tween flick” would fly out the window and you’d have girls in short skirts and pink headbands screaming in fear as Jacob Black hops out looking like a wolf with galis. So I rejoiced completely as I am assured that the now clean-cut ‘band of brothers’ will transform into cute, furry and vicious (for the sake of the movie’s seriousness) wolves. Regular wolves.

Thank you Chris Weitz!

So, old news or not, here’s to the great haircuts & cute wolf morphing that makes “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” a movie I am now eagerly looking foward to watching.

Yey for the Wolf Men!

Yey for the Wolf Men!


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I’m really curious about this movie!! Seeing the Wolf Men just made my jaw drop. Hahahahaha! 🙂

Comment by Scills

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