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Luke Chueh
June 14, 2009, 6:22 am
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Luke Chueh’s art is awesome, you might know him as the creator of the artwork on the cover of Folie A Deux for Fallout Boy. He studied graphic design at California Polytechnic State University and moved to LA, where he painted as a means to keep busy and through his work moved up the LA Art scene. ( I love, love the messages of his work – some make me cry, some make me laugh – the bottomline is that his work makes you feel, makes you think. He uses simple subjects as the centerpiece of his work such as a monkey, a rabbit, or a bear. Each animal becomes part of a series, and in that way creates its own personality, it becomes a character you find yourself relating with. I love Luke Chueh because he encouraged me to paint again – not in the same style, but to see that art doesn’t have to be so complicated and beautiful, but rather have a message and be an expression of how you feel, what you experience, what you think. Thanks to my boyfriend for introducing me to this great artist’s work!

Some of my favorites off his site:

Hope Extinguished -

"Hope Extinguished" -

Another Useless Gift -

"Another Useless Gift" -

My Happiness is Riding on Your Misery -

"My Happiness is Riding on Your Misery" -

And my all-time favorite: “Bat Bear” which you’ll see is my current wallpaper if you follow me @kpamintuan on Twitter 🙂

Check out the rest of his work @


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Fantastic art works!
wow..blogging as early as 6 am?
what made u stay awake at that time? hahaha!!!

Comment by mizleah

lol sorry i had to change the time on my blog or else it’d look like i was a blogging bat!! i think it’s fixed na so the entry times and dates should be correct now 😀

and yeah – luke chueh is amazing!!!

Comment by karenbacardi

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