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I’m biased, I admit it but I think these are the three best dogs that suit my lifestyle. I’ve decided that I’m going to continue having these dogs in my life, right now I have a long-haired daschund and 2 german shepherds, I’m vowing to get myself another cocker spaniel to complete the team in the near future.  So here are my three favorite breeds:

1. The Long-Haired Daschund:I came across this breed when my cocker spaniel passed away – she was an amazing dog, but I also get lonely really quickly without a furry friend by my side. As my birthday was nearing, my boyfriend was ready to pay for one and called his friend who was a dog breeder to show us some dogs. But one day, as I was at the station, my boss at the time offered one of the dogs he had – a 6 month old long-haired daschund for an amazing price. I decided I’d have a go and take a look at him, and the moment he walked into that office, he stole my heart. I’ve been researching about the breed and find that the long-haired daschund is known as more of the “lovable” of the three types of dashunds (the short haired, the wired and the long-haired). Since all I knew of daschunds were those that my grandparents had (a herd of them) who constantly yap – this specific type doesn’t bark too often, are more friendly, and seem to enjoy pleasing (they’re smart too!) their master. Overall, the heartbeat at my feet is a long-haired daschund named RickRoss. He has a few imperfections such as loud barking when he gets spooked, or his ability to do every trick but not pee on the newspaper all the time… alas, once he comes galloping your way with his fat paws and a big hug, you forgive all that in a second.

2. Cocker Spaniel: We had Phoebe for about 11-12 years, rescued her from a petshop where she was in a cage, unwanted, for more than a year. She knew how to make us all happy, how to fall asleep no matter where you put her or how you fixed her feet, she was the laziest, happiest, and fattest dog on the planet! I love Cocker Spaniels because they’re just such happy dogs, always ready to please, and a little neurotic at times – but just enough to make you laugh and not worry. They’re quite a brave breed too, ready to face danger (as she did when she thought I was drowing – jumped in… and realized she couldn’t swim but I saved her, and said my thanks for all her worrying), and also – another plus, strong legs and big paws! Athletic and ready for anything, especially chasing balls and beetlenuts across the fields in the farm. If you’ve ever had a cocker spaniel – I bet you’ll have another… and another… and another…

3. German Shepherd: Loyal, happy, family dogs. I was raised around them, we used to breed them, and had almost 10 at a time at one point in my life. I have known many great shepherds, and the 2 last living of the crew are here with us today. The one thing about shepherds that’s stood out to me about them is this constant need to protect their family. German Shepherds can be the most vicious dogs I’ve known, having one in particular that was guilty of branding numerous employees and friends of ours with her teeth marks – but amazingly, I was 4 years old at the time, and could sleep on her belly and she wouldn’t harm a hair on my head. It went the same for all the shepherds, none of them hurt me, all of them showed me undying devotion and love – but turned into seriously dangerous animals when they found a stranger nearby. I love this about them – their honesty is so beautiful and I’m definitely going to have a place in my home all the time for these amazing dogs. I love, love, love you all.


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