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Spinning: My favorite way to burn calories
June 5, 2009, 5:16 pm
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Burning calories seems so difficult, especially when you have an ‘allergy’ to cardio. However, it’s almost impossible to get toned and lean without cardiovascular and aerobic exercise in your workout regime. Crash diets cause you to feel weak and irritable, and excuses that you’re lifting weights will merely increase your muscle size but not decrease your weight. Cardio is important for a great number of reasons besides weight loss, it gives you a stronger heart and lungs, it reduces everyday stress, and even increases bone density as well as reduces your risks of heart disease!

Jogging is one of the greatest ways to burn the calories, but what if you’re just one of those people who can’t stand being on a treadmill? It gets boring, your knees begin to ache and your ipod’s play list doesn’t seem to pump you up anymore. Alternatives include classes, and one such phenomenon that keeps a good number of people fit and excited is “spinning class”. Spinning, otherwise known as stationary cycling, is a great way to keep fit and burn the calories. The class is made up of stationary bikes, great music and an energetic instructor to keep you moving! It helps being in a class with other people engaged in the same exercise to keep you motivated, and it’s an added plus that the choreography is not difficult.  You can burn serious calories in just 45 minutes (approx. 450 calories) and get a lean and toned body in the process.

The different tension levels with just one turn of the knob stimulates your core muscles, as well as mimics how it would feel biking on different kinds of terrain. The effort of an uphill ride is a heavier load, a quick run on a long stretch is lighter with a faster pedaling speed. It’s worth a try and it’s simple to learn, as long as you keep going to classes regularly (at least 2-3x a week) you’ll be able to see results in just a matter of weeks.

* You can find spinning classes at Gold’s Gym 6x a week or give your local gym a call to see if they offer the classes.


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