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Harem Shorts
Harem Shorts

Shorts of every style have found a permanent place in our hearts, and in our closets and with the popularity of harem shorts growing, we can all say hallelujah for the return of classy comfort-wear! Workable in all different colors, paired with a nifty pair of sandals or booties and a tight fitting tank, you’ve got a quick outfit all figured out to walk around town on a beautiful sunny day.   However, the weather in the Philippines doesn’t exactly allow us to follow Western trends to a tee – seeing as our seasons don’t exactly match, why not aim for a wind-and-rain-friendly alternative? Harem pants!

Alas, no need to rush. The perfect fit will save you from fashion faux-pas harem pants that are not cool and classy but rather mirror a baby’s soaked diaper. Harem pants are tricky, most suitable for slim torso’s and long legs, height is usually the answer – but 3 inch heels can do magic and therefore put this trend on a more even plain.  The key is choosing the right fit of harem pants to suit your body. No mater how much you force a trend, the key is to make sure it fits you properly. If it makes you feel and look like a frumpy lawn gnome – sack it. The beauty of harem pants are the different fits and styles it comes in, and designers on the 09 Spring/Summer runway have come up with awesome alternatives to Barbara Eden’s pink and red ensemble on the “I Dream of Jeannie” set.

Irregardless of being a fashion craze or not, once more there is no excuse for a over-sized diaper to be hanging off your butt. Here’s an example of an ill fitting harem pair vs. a nicely fitting one:

Please kill me now. War of the diaper rash alert.
Please kill me now. War of the diaper rash alert.
Paul & Joe did it right - spring/summer 09 can work for our rainy season!
Paul & Joe did it right – spring/summer 09 can work for our rainy season!

So, try it on when you see a pair hanging at one of your local stores. Harem pants 2009 will spice up your closet and your comfort while looking stylishly sassy in the rain. 😉

By Phi
By Phi
By Chloe
By Chloe

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