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17 Again
April 19, 2009, 5:50 pm
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I watched 17 again and literally felt 17 again. I love Zac Efron. I have never seen Highschool Musical, 1, 2, or 25… I always thought he looked like a Ken doll and didn’t understand the “Zac Efron” fixation. I do admit, however, that I fell for Edward Cullen during Twilight, but that fell apart after the credits. Then, he became the guy in the poster with the white makeup- (take note that I admit that I will probably gush again during the next Twilight movie) — but ZAC EFRON brought me back to 8th grade, when I first heard “I want it that way” on the radio, followed by my Backstreet Boy obsession which then in turn, became my Colin Farrell movie collection. I squealed, I squaked, I giggled… all next to my boyfriend (the hottest man alive, yes) who smirked and shook his head as I turned into a tweenybopper all over again. I could not for the love of anything holy hold onto any maturity. It flew out the window and all I could see was “Zac Efron” aka “Mark Gold” with little hearts surrounding his face.

Of course, now that I feel that I have a hollywood crush (I think I have A.D.D so this crush might not even last till the morning, but I’m willing to hope), he’s the one hollywood actor that DOESN’T have Twitter (that new social network that lets you update your statuses and makes it ‘a-ok!’ to stalk the stars). In a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres, Zac Efron (Can I not just call him “Zac”? Nope, we’re on our first date as far as I’m concerned) proclaimed that he’s ‘old fashioned’ and prefers to call his friends on the phone (making it harder to stalk him) as he already has his own “live twitter” via TMZ and PerezHilton. True, but I never looked at those… (of course I’m saying this as my tabs start packing up with “Zac Efron Photos and Updates”) and on a serious note, although I think this boy is gorgeousity to a whole other level, I was in fact surprised most of all by his acting.

It wasn’t bad. In fact, it was bloody good. I was waiting for a chick flick that would make this year, and I think I’ve found it. I’ll definitely watch it again and skip over Matthew Perry – who I do adore and had a 1 year crush on (Chandler) – to see Zac Efron zip in that car and wave that jacket around. Aviators. Framing that perfect face and those gorgeous eyes. Ahh… but of course, my heart belongs to the one and only, Brent. “You’re still the one” as Shania puts it, and you will always be.

For now, let me bask in my “tween moment”… and forgive me as my Twitter and Facebook statuses consist of a slew of garbled excitement and drool over a man who is a year younger than I am and can spin a basketball on his pinky.


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I also love that part where Zac waved his jacket..haha! He\’s definitely HOT!

Comment by Nadine

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